Where we have been and where we are going…

There have been some changes around here this past year. First off, we have re-branded. We are no longer affiliated with the Autism Society National. Too many reasons to get into in a post, but trust us it is for the best! We are now called Autism Support of Central Illinois. So what does it mean now that we aren’t affiliated with the Autism Society National, you ask? It means that 100% of our money STAYS LOCAL – that means right here in Central IL with our autism families and friends.

What else has happened this year? Well we have many new board members, a new president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. While we were so sad to see long time, president Tom Owings go, we know it was time for him and his family and we understand! We miss him dearly, but are plugging along and still serving families in our area.

We have a new office assistant, Deanna Planitz. She is AMAZING and a welcome addition to ASCI. You can find her in the office at the Hope Pavilion several days a week.

We have also begun new grant programs, a new partnership with Bright Star Equestrian Center, Barnes & Noble AND Hope. We have so many wonderful things in the works and cannot wait to see them all through! So please stay tuned on Facebook and right here and we will keep you posted!

Peace, love and puzzle pieces,

The ASCI Board of Directors

Autism Support of Central Illinois