Caregiver Education Grant

Caregiver Education Grant


The Caregiver Education Grant will provide funding for registration fees for caregivers to attend educational opportunities directly related to providing care or securing education and benefits for their ASD dependents.

 This grant will serve up to five (5) families per year, with a maximum per family possible award of $250 each time the grant is awarded.  Only one grant may be awarded to any family per year.

 Education is defined for the purpose of this grant as workshops, seminars or trainings where the main topic is directly related to issues around providing for the needs of a dependent with ASD.  The range of topics can include but are not limited to home care issues, applied behavioral methods and other therapeutic modalities, adaptive technology, education issues, insurance issues, social service issues, housing.

 This grant will start July 1, 2013 and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the maximum grants have been awarded for the year.

 Target Group

This grant is for caregivers of who are the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of persons with autism spectrum disorder.  The person with ASD for whom they are giving care need not reside in their home (for instance the person with ASD may be living in a group home or institutional facility, or may be living on his or her own or with a non-guardian caregiver).

The caregiver requesting the CEG should be a current member of the ASACIC.

Currently seated ASACIC board members will also be eligible to receive this grant, under the following conditions

  1. A board member will share with the board a summary of the information gained at the CEG-funded event within 60 days of completing that event.  This sharing may be in the form of a verbal summary at the next regular board meeting, handouts offered for photocopying;
  2. Only one currently-seated board member may receive the CEG in any year, with the rest of the awards reserved for the membership at large.

 The total cost of the Caregiver Education Grant program will be not more than $1,250 per.  The CEG grant year will be July 1 through June 30 of any given year.

How Caregiver Education Grants will be awarded

The ASACIC board will determine grant awards based on

  1. the guardianship status and ASCI membership status of the person who is to attend the educational opportunity for which the grant is requested
  2. On the board’s understanding of the purpose and content of the educational opportunity for which the grant is being requested.
  • Applications for the CEG will be considered at regular monthly board meetings throughout the year.
  • Applications should be submitted so that sufficient time is given for this:  at least 30 days in advance of the event for which the CEG is requested.
  • Application will include the CEG application form, the original copy (if available) of the registration form for the educational opportunity the applicant wishes to attend.  Any available material such as a flyer or web page (eg.) should be included to help the board understand the intent and content of the training.
  • ASACIC will award the CEG by direct payment to the entity providing the workshop, seminar, training or other educational opportunity.
  • Each caregiver who is awarded a CEG will be notified by letter.
  • The CEG will not cover meals at the event, transportation to, from or during the event or extra materials purchased at the event (books, CDs, DVDs, kits, etc).

 Grant Application

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