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Autism Society – Central Illinois (ASCI)

The Central Illinois Chapter of the Autism Society (ASCI) was officially incorporated in January of 2004, formed from the roots of  a parent support group founded in 2002. The chapter has grown steadily since its inception and is continually exploring and expanding the ways it can help the autism community in central Illinois.

Mission Statement:

ASCI is a 501 ©(3) nonprofit organization which was founded in 2002 for the purpose of improving the lives of those affected by autism in central Illinois by providing access to resources, educational opportunities, and social activities.

Strategic Goals for 2013:

GOAL 1: Increase autism awareness by developing resources

GOAL 2: Increase educational and training opportunities and enrollment in research-based programs

GOAL 3: Provide a variety of social activities

GOAL 4: Increase Fundraising

GOAL 5: Maximize Volunteers

GOAL 6: Strengthen ASCI

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Autism Support of Central Illinois