Board of Directors

Board Members

The Autism Society of Central Illinois (ASCI) managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board is elected by the chapter’s membership and hold their positions for one year.    Board elections are held each year in January.   Nominations for Board members are opened in November of the preceding year.

The Board is governed by the chapter bylaws.

The current Board of Directors consists of the following people:

Parent Board Members

Tom Becker — Secretary

Sheila Coleman

Tracy Miller

Tom Owings – President

Mary Pelich

Stacey Penner — Vice President

Leryn Rector

Cheryl Sator

Patti Schafer

Jodi Vollmer


Professional Board Members

Andrew Affrunti — Treasurer

Corey Moore

Matthew Nixon

Daniel Porter

Laura Reitz

Jonathan Zemsky

Jackie Yoho